Exec. Director Job Posting

The Health Center: Executive Director Job Description Posting open until May 7, 2014   General Description: The Executive Director will work with the Board of Directors to ensure the quality and financial viability of The Health Center’s programs, and with our partners to ensure programmatic excellence. Duties include fundraising, long-range visioning, advocacy (local, state, national), public relations, board relations, staff and office management, and program oversight. Supervisory Relationship: The Executive Director will work under the direction of the Board of Directors to lead the […]

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Meet Tessa!

This is Tessa’s second year serving as one of our AmeriCorps Members. Tessa is one of the first people Lincoln students will meet when they come in to the health clinic. She also works with Lincoln students to produce an annual Arts and Literary Magazine, called Distinctive Visions. She says, “I am so impressed by the students at Lincoln. I’ve gotten to know many of them over the last two years through The Health Center but also through their poetry […]

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Meet Erika!

This is Erika Rootvik’s 3rd year working at The Health Center. She works at both The Health Center at Lincoln and Blue Ridge and has been an incredible asset to our team. Erika has been working on her Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner degree at Washington State University and is almost finished. Her experience and interest in both the medical and mental health side of our mission has been so important for our organization and the well-being of our students. […]

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Upcoming Events

April 2014
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by Jenna Fritz, AmeriCorps The Walla Walla Ink-Out program is a tattoo removal project in collaboration with Walla Walla General Hospital, The Walla Walla Public School District, The Health Center, and other community partners. The Ink-Out Project is designed for youth and adults who wish to remove visible tattoos that reflect gang, drug, or anti-social behavior. These tattoos can have adverse effects on an individual’s employment opportunities, self-esteem, and social mobility. The project seeks to coordinate tattoo removal with mentoring, community service, and other social […]

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This year, The Health Center is leading an after school physical education program at Blue Ridge Elementary called the Jump Rope Club. Our vision is to create a program that engages students in fitness, encourages strong teamwork, emphasizes goal-making and creates a fun environment after school. We chose to focus on jump rope because of its great health benefits and simplicity. Jumping rope is an excellent cardiovascular exercise and is low-impact, which makes it an ideal option for children who […]

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By Dr. Alison Kirby “How’s it going?” I asked the teenaged boy.  “OK,” he said, but I could see in his eyes that things were far from OK. Because this interaction was taking place at The Health Center at Lincoln, I wasn’t limited by short appointment times. I could take the risk of an unanticipated long visit and fully explore what was happening in his life. After some discussion, he showed me his shoulders with fresh lacerations from self-cutting–a warning […]

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By Tessa Matson, AmeriCorps Member, The Health Center. Imagine that you are a high school student. It is lunch time and you’re sitting in the cafeteria, waiting for your best friend to grab her lunch and join you. You see her walk in, you wave. She sees you wave and then quickly looks away. She grabs her food, avoids your table and sits down at a table on the other side of the cafeteria with a group of people you […]

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by Tessa Matson, AmeriCorps Member, The Health Center. “Why does a public school need this?” A parent asked me during the first couple of months The Health Center had opened a clinic at Blue Ridge Elementary School. The parent had written this question in bold lettering at the top of a survey we had sent out to parents weeks earlier. It was the same question I had asked myself before applying to my current position as the AmeriCorps member at […]

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Children who use school-based health centers have fewer hospitalizations, use emergency rooms less, are three times more likely to graduate, are half as likely to be absent from school, and increase their grade point averages when their care includes counseling. Click “Read More”, below, for source links to The National Assembly of School-Based Health Care (NASBHC) and The Centers for Disease Control.

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