Lincoln Students:

“The Health Center at Lincoln has always been a place that we could go to when we need something or just don’t feel good. The staff actually cares about the students, and you can tell they put in all their time and effort into helping us. They’re not just the school staff, they’re our friends. I don’t know what we would do without The Health Center at Lincoln.”
– Anonymous


“I love The Health Center because they help me when I am sick. When I have questions, they are here to answer them. I also like the counseling they give me. I love them—they’re my second family.”
– Anonymous


“It makes me feel safe knowing that if I need help, there is a place to go here at school.”
– Anonymous


“It’s nice to have a place where it feels like home, and where you are not just a number. There are doctors who love and care about you.”
– Anonymous


“I’ve actually visited The Health Center a lot since it’s been here. I think it’s awesome, and every time I’ve been in there, I’ve come out feeling ten times better.”
– Anonymous


“I like to have somewhere to go. Whether you need to cool down or you just don’t feel well, everyone here actually cares and tries, to the best of their ability, to help the students.”
– Ashley V. ‘13


School Staff Members:

“I love that there is an onsite health care professional that can actually do something. Our school nurse is excellent but is bound but strictures and rules that prevent her dispensing something as simple as ibuprofen. On-site care has helped me feel confident that a student can be seen, their issue dealt with, documented, and possibly referred for further service.”
– Blue Ridge Elementary School staff member



“My son has been to The Health Center at Blue Ridge a few times, and the service was great and so HELPFUL!”
– Blue Ridge Elementary School parent