iOS Builder @ Singa iOS Designer @ Singa We are searching for iOS programmer to further produce our program that is portable here at Singa. Therefore, what we do? We carry first class karaoke expertise to cellular phone customers. While in the old days you’d must get game units, karaoke participants or different hardware, we are changing that today. Simply sign up with your phone and start singing and reveal your tasks! The user knowledge resembles Instragram and Spotify and we offer not difficult to use consumer apps to our users. We have strong ClientServer structure behind the landscape to provide material that is same from platform to podium. Currently we’re currently promoting Android iOS Phones units. You don’t must begin from scratch, as our iOS app has already been in App Store and your occupation would be to strengthen present implementation and also to incorporate new functions. Singing abilities not necessary, passion for programming and bravery to doubt solutions are favored. ) Job Type: Full time Howto utilize: Abandon your program to jobs by mail Last app time: 03/03/2015

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