This is Erika Rootvik’s 3rd year working at The Health Center. She works at both The Health Center at Lincoln and Blue Ridge and has been an incredible asset to our team. Erika has been working on her Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner degree at Washington State University and is almost finished. Her experience and interest in both the medical and mental health side of our mission has been so important for our organization and the well-being of our students. Below is a note from her:

“I feel so blessed to work at The Health Center. We serve such a wonderful population; from the preschoolers to the high schoolers, I am continuously inspired by our kids! It has been an eye opening experience to work here, not only because of the needs that we see but also because of The Health Center team’s uncanny ability to find resources to help meet those needs. Inspired by strong leadership and rewarding encounters with the kids we serve, The Health Center team maintains a steadfast focus on our mission and purpose and I love being a part of it!”

Meet Erika!