Coming September 15 at 7pm — Live in Concert at the GESA Power House Theatre

Kate & The Crocodiles

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Kate Morrison, a refreshing and innovative classically-trained female vocalist with deep roots in Walla Walla; Craig Bidondo, a colorful, energetic and soulful keyboardist; Gavin Bondy, the intuitive trumpeter of Pink Martini, and Brent Follis, a truly world-class drummer. The Portland-based quartet present stunning indie rock originals and covers, early jazz and jazz standards, reinventions of ‘70s and ’80s rock as ballads, classical art songs mixed with rock (yes really), and other surprises from far and wide. If the spectrum sounds broad, it is all held together by a signature sound informed by classical training and a respectful blending of many genres. It’s like a warm conversation with a good friend—and at times, it’s like world-class music meets stand-up comedy because these fun four have what may be considered almost too much fun performing together. An evening with Kate & The Crocodiles is an intimate, unforgettable treasure.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like more information! 509-525-0704