Dr. Alison Kirby accepts a Washington Women’s Foundation 2013 Pooled Funds grant as Executive Director, Holly T. Howard, looks on with a smile.

Saturday, June 15, 2013 –

“Dear Friends,

Thanks to your steadfast support, The Health Center has some very exciting news to share!

Last week, The Health Center became one of the few organizations in Eastern Washington to ever win a Washington Women’s Foundation (WWF) grant award. WWF is a women-founded / women-funded philanthropy group based in Seattle. This year, 340 organizations from across the state applied for funding from WWF; The Health Center was one of only five organizations to be selected and was the sole grantee in the healthcare sector.

Washington Women’s Foundation seeks out innovative programs that address critical needs in a community. In their award announcement, WWF grant makers specifically noted The Health Center’s success at reaching high risk students at school, providing needed services that reduce truancy and absenteeism, and boosting learning and graduation rates.

As the only independently operated school-based health center in our state, The Health Center is leading the way for other rural communities by demonstrating an effective model of partnership with schools, community medical resources, and other stakeholders, like you.

We hope that you are as proud of the attention this grant brings to our community as we are. Partnering with you has meant that we were strong enough to win this award. Having your ongoing support as we grow means that we will continue to be here, helping vulnerable children thrive.

Please join us in celebrating our success. Without you, this day would not have happened”.

Holly T. Howard
Executive Director


Big Grant, Bigger Smiles!