Lindsay Engh, MPH, CHES, Executive Director

Previous to joining The Health Center, Lindsay worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  In this role, she was stationed in Walla Walla, Washington where her primary role included developing a School Safety Inspection program and facilitating the School Health Advisory Committee, which evaluated local school district policies and practices affecting student health through the use of the CDC School Health Index.

Lindsay graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Science and a Master’s Degree in Public Health.

Suzanne Knapp, Business Manager

Suzanne grew up in Walla Walla and received her BA in Liberal Arts from Evergreen State University.  She has had a career in banking and project management.  She handles the day to day operational and technological needs of the organization as it grows to support even more Walla Walla Public School students.

Oliver Birchwood-Glover, LICSW  Mental Health Supervisor

Oliver has a distinguished career in mental health counseling. He is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, (MSW New York University, 1993) and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.  He works with the counselors in each of our clinics to promote and support the Trauma Informed Care model in use at The Health Center.

Lincoln High School
  • Tim Schroeder, MSW
  • Oliver Birchwood-Glover, MSW
  • Lacee Key, MAC/Care Coordinator
  • Gigi Torres, Counselor Intern
Walla Walla High School
  • Ruth Martinez, MSW
  • Nichole Vernon, LMHCA
  • Janet Perry, Care Coordinator
  • Hannah Thomas, Counselor Intern
Pioneer & Garrison Middle Schools
  • Carisa Crosbie,  MSW/LSWAIC
  • Loni Conklin, MSW
  • Amber Reyes, MAC/Care Coordinator
  • Gigi Torres, Counselor Intern
Blue Ridge Elementary School
  • Anali Pesqueira, MSW
  • Olivia White, LMHCA, Certified School Counselor
  • Noelle LiaBraaten, Care Coordinator
Medical Staff:
  • Dr. Tim O’Connor, Medical Director
  • Laura Norris, ARNP
  • Brandom Price, ARNP
  • Lauren Berg, ARNP
  • Jo Menard, ARNP
  • Abby Sorenson, ARNP

Board of Directors:

Sharon Hopwood, President

Sharon comes to the Board of The Health Center with many years of diverse leadership experience in non-profit human resources, and as a human resources executive for the global hi-tech sector in both Oregon and California. Sharon currently works at Saviah Cellars, managing compliance and supporting winery operations. Her husband, Dennis, works at Whitman College, and her daughter, Emily, is a college freshman. They relocated from Portland seven years ago, and live on a ten-acre hobby farm.

Holly Howard, Vice-President

Holly is a co-founder of The Health Center and was instrumental in our growth and development.  Holly served as the Executive Director until 2015. She brings broad experience and understanding of our work and is sought after as a leading expert in school based health centers. Holly brings many connections and community organizing experience to our board.

Linda Brown, Secretary

A former special education teacher in five school districts from K-graduate school, Linda has also worked with children and families from Head Start/ECEAP and at Lydia Place (a transitional housing program in Bellingham).  Her passion for improving the lives of children and their families has led her to work as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)  and to participation in Children’s Resilience Initiative community activities.  Linda is also active in the American Association of University Women (AAUW).

Jolene Riggs, Treasurer 

Jolene is Vice President and Controller for Baker Boyer Bank, where she has worked since 2006. Prior to moving to BBB, Jolene was Chief Financial Officer for Blue Mountain Action Council, and previously served as Treasurer for United Way. Jolene understands the financial issues related to non-profits. She is capable of understanding and explaining complex fiscal issues in clear and concise ways. She is diligent and highly reliable as a fellow board member.

Alison E. Kirby MD, Ex-Officio

Alison is a co-founder of The Health Center and its Medical Director. She and Holly Howard recognized a link between high truancy rates in Walla Walla students and barriers to medical and mental health care. The Health Center was created to make health care accessible and culturally comfortable for children. As the first college graduate in her family, just one generation removed from subsistence living in Appalachia, Alison understands, firsthand, the hardships that poverty places on families and the desperation parents feel to provide for their children. For a decade, Alison regularly volunteered at The Greenhouse, a free clinic for homeless youth in Portland, Oregon, while also maintaining a full-time private practice. She joined Walla Walla Clinic’s Department of Pediatrics in 2000.  In 2008, Alison, along with husband, Dan Calzaretta, and their children, aged 10 and 11, bicycled 3800 miles across America for a summer adventure. “Our children are our future. I want to give kids every chance for success. No child is a throw-away child!” she emphasizes. 

Wendy Hernandez

Wendy is an immigration attorney in Walla Walla and is widely trusted and respected by the community. As a business woman and community leader, Wendy brings an appreciation of the needs of the community and is an effective advocate for our mission.

Ted Koehler

Ted is the Housing Director at Blue Mountain Action Council. He has shown leadership with a number of organizations in our community including Commitment to Community, Washington State Tech Development Committee, Sustainability Committee, the Planning Commission, and the Walla Walla City Parks and Recreation Urban Advisory Board. He is a Sherwood fellow (2010). Ted brings community connections and business expertise to our board.

Christy Krutulis

Christy joined the Board in the spring of 2017. Christy represents Walla Walla Public Schools as their Executive Director of Teaching and Learning. After 20 years in education on the west side of the state as a teacher and administrator, Christy returns to Walla Walla as a Whitman graduate, passionate about supporting students through the partnership between Whitman College, Walla Walla Public Schools and The Health Center. Christy and her husband, Jay, are passionate about Whitman athletics, The Little Theater, and have the privilege of owning a local winery.

Gina Ohnstad

Gina has a degree in and experience as a broadcast journalist. She works at Whitman College in their Communications office as a Media Relations Strategist and has access to up to date media strategy and related skill sets. Gina will build on our strong bond with the Whitman campus community and help us strengthen and sharpen our public relations as we move forward with expansion. Gina has young children and brings the parent perspective.

Katherine Boehm

Katherine is a longtime friend of The Health Center, and was instrumental in its founding in 2009.  From 2009 to 2016, Katherine helped lay the groundwork for the successful organization that exists today. She started her work with The Health Center as an AmeriCorps Volunteer.  Later this role transitioned into the position of the Director of Operations.  She helped establish The Health Center at Lincoln High School, The Health Center at Blue Ridge Elementary, and The Health Center at Pioneer Middle School. She is currently the Director of the Women’s Clinic at the Walla Walla Clinic. Katherine has her Master’s in Public Health from Florida International University and her BA in Sociology from Quinnipiac University. She has lived in Walla Walla since 2006 with her husband and 2 children.

Dr. Chris Hall

Chris is a pediatrician and the Chief Medical Officer for Providence Health Services in Walla Walla.  His knowledge and experience are a great asset to the board of directors.

Josh Jensen

Josh is the Vice President of Enrollment and Communications at Whitman College.  He brings a wealth of experience in communications and the non-profit world.  We are thankful for the long term support of Whitman College.

Gustavo Reyna

Gustavo is a multi-lingual marketing professional.  He is involved on the Community Council and is currently leading a task force whose goal is to remove barriers to providing more affordable housing in Walla Walla.