About The Health Center

Our Mission

‚ÄčThe mission of The Health Center is to advance the success of students by addressing their physical, emotional, and social needs. 

Our Work

In 2009, community leaders identified the many at-risk students of Lincoln High School as being among the highest priority children for supportive intervention in Walla Walla. The Health Center at Lincoln was established in response to this need. Today, we provide free primary medical, mental health therapy, and social-support referral services to more students than ever, operating Health Center clinics at Walla Walla High School, Lincoln High School, Pioneer Middle School, and  Garrison Middle School. 

At The Health Center, we can intervene in various ways to protect and support our students. We engage with students from diverse backgrounds and circumstances, providing equal opportunity to receive medical and mental health therapy. 

Our Goals

  • Deliver primary health care and mental health therapy for Walla Walla Public Schools students. 

  • Enable the students to obtain the care that they need in a professional, confidential setting so that they may thrive.

  • Educate the students on how to better advocate for their health and wellness while working to keep them connected to school and developing healthier choices.

Video About The Health Center