On September 27, 2018 a new group in our community got together at the GESA Powerhouse Theatre.

This group, 100+ Women Who Care, has over 100 members who each pledge $100+ in community support. Twice a year, they invite 3 non-profits to present to the group. A majority vote is taken immediately after the presentation. Then a check is written to the winning organization.

We are happy to report that Lindsay Engh, our Executive Director, gave an excellent presentation on our school based health centers. We were the grateful recipients of $12,340 from last night’s inaugural event!

THANK YOU to each and every person who has supported the mission of The Health Center(s) here in Walla Walla for nearly 10 years. Your hard work, dedication, and passion helps these students get, stay, and remain healthy– physically, socially, and emotionally.

You can learn more about the event/organization here: