The Health Center at Lincoln Patient Testimonials



“It’s nice to have a place where it feels like home- where you are not just a number, with doctors who love and care about you.”


“The greatest thing about LHC is that they are able to provide health care services to students who might otherwise go without treatment.  We care about all aspects of the student’s health (mental, emotional, physical, and family life)”


“The health center helps you when you need it.”


“I think the health center is nicely organized and is very helpful.”


“Lincoln health center is great.  The staff there is professional, and they really care.  Without it, some students would receive no medical attention at all.  It is also a great resource for mental health and counseling.”


“I’ve been to the health center and it’s very convenient to have around for people with a real sickness, and I’m glad the health center is around.”


“Lincoln health center has helped me with a lot of issues from simple headaches, to counseling.”


“The Lincoln health center is a great deal of help for everybody at Lincoln.  Everything from a headache, sports physical, a cold, or even a cut or burn.  They do everything they can to help us.”


“The Lincoln health center is a great resource to our students because they can help with minor injuries, give information about how to stay healthy, and help with emotional issues.”


“I’ve actually visited the health center a lot since I’ve been here.  I think it’s awesome and every time I’ve been there I come out feeling ten times better!”



Patient Testimonials