Board of Directors Update — March 2019

On February 15, The Health Center was pleased to welcome Katherine Boehm to our Board of Directors.

New Board Member Katherine Boehm and husband Ben

Katherine is a longtime friend of The Health Center, and was instrumental in its founding in 2009.  From 2009 to 2016, Katherine helped lay the groundwork for the successful organization that exists today. She started her work with The Health Center as an AmeriCorps Volunteer.  Later this role transitioned into the position of the Director of Operations.  She helped establish The Health Center at Lincoln High School, The Health Center at Blue Ridge Elementary, and The Health Center at Pioneer Middle School. She is currently the Director of the Women’s Clinic at the Walla Walla Clinic. Katherine has her Master’s in Public Health from Florida International University and her BA in Sociology from Quinnipiac University. She has lived in Walla Walla since 2006 with her husband and 2 children.

Executive Director, Lindsay Engh:  I am so delighted that Katherine will be joining the board at The Health Center. I had the privilege of knowing Katherine when I first moved to Walla Walla in 2014, and saw first-hand how her role at The Health Center contributed to the success of students, and helped build positive relationships within the school and community. Her skill set and knowledge will be invaluable as she joins the organization in this new capacity. Welcome, Katherine! We are SO GLAD you’re back!
Several longtime friends and supporters of The Health Center are very glad to have her back as well–

Katherine Boehm was the heart and soul of the heath center for many years. Not only the face you would see when you went to the health center, but a face you would see at school staff meetings. She not only understands the operations but she lives the importance of relationships. Her return to the health center as a board member is a win for the health center and the kids they serve.        –Erik Gordon, Teacher, Lincoln HS

Katherine Boehm is one of the most resourceful people I know. Her ability to find services for our kids outside of the health center was second to none. The compassionate culture of the health center was a natural invitation for students to feel welcome accessing the HC.    — Jim Sporleder, Former Principal, Lincoln HS, Author and a Consultant in Trauma-Informed Care.  www.JimSporlederConsulting.COM

I began working with Katherine in 2011 when I started with Student Health Options in the old BMAC apartments.    As we grew she took on more and more responsibility, working on everything from fundraising the chocolate and wine auction to coordinating research surveys to better understand our impact and plan for the future.  Her dedication to the clinic was only surpassed by her dedication to the students.  I have great respect for her ethic and work.  In my mind, I still hear her cheerful voice saying “make good choices,” encouraging students as they left the clinic.  I am pleased that she is returning to The Health Center as a member of the board.  –Tim Schroeder, MSW/LICSW, Mental Health Counselor at The Health Center

Katherine will be a marvelous addition to the board. She understands the needs of clients, has institutional memory, is a great community collaborator, and has a gracious and thoughtful approach to challenges. So glad she is “officially” back.   –Lisa a McPherson Ponce, MD, former staff at The Health Center

I had the pleasure of working with Katherine from the early days of figuring out exactly how The Health Center should work and through its growth into the organization it is today.  Her warmth and friendliness, and her outreach and connection with students and staff in the schools and in the clinic and community, have been integral to the success of THC.  She was the friendly face that greeted everyone to the clinic, and she was the point person for every question that arose.  If you didn’t know, you asked Katherine. Her understanding of personalities and institutions and policy far exceeded her defined role and helped define the role of THC in our schools.  She cheered kids and inspired us all, and she was integral to the development of a fledgling–and now an established–organization committed to serving the emotional and physical needs of kids in our community.     –Laura Norris, ARNP The Health Center

I’m pleased that Katherine is joining The Health Center board. Her experience helping The Health Center grow and flourish, passion for struggling kiddos, and strong community connections make her joining the board a very happy day.  Congratulations!       –Stan Ledington, PHD  Former Executive Director at The Health Center

So wonderful to have Katherine’s presence back with the Health Center!  As a teacher, Katherine was a catalyst for positive change for Lincoln students.  Her face became synonymous with action and care, as she maintained a constant, positive exchange within our community.  Quite excited to have her expertise on the board. –Genie Huntemann, English Teacher, Lincoln HS